Friday, November 4, 2016

It's Getting Better All the Time.

More and more people today are developing a sense of dread for the future. Did you know that every person in every age felt the same way? For some reason human nature tends to think the present seems worse than the "good old days" and the future looks even worse.

But I feel it a duty to point out to all reasonable, thinking adults that there is no reason to fear the future. And I have the facts to prove it. Please ignore all the negative news and doomsday predictions. You are old enough to remember, if you take the time, that there have been dire predictions for as long as you can remember. Right?

And did those predictions come true? Absolutely not.

In fact, things got better. And that is exactly what will happen again. The end of the world predictions will not occur and things will again get better. So rejoice! The future looks bright.

Julian Simon changed my life.

I think I began my life of optimism after learning about Julian Simon around the early 1990s. We were starting a mail order business so I read his book,  How to Start and Operate a Mail Order Business. It turned out that this book was a one-off for him. He was an economist and most of his books where about the historically optimistic side of economics. He used his years of data research to try and plead with the people to not listen to the doomsayers because the Ultimate Resource as he put it was human ingenuity. Which historically ALWAYS solved man's problems and made things better for EVERYONE.

Think back to the 70s. The pessimists in the media were predicting ecological catastrophe, overpopulation, a coming man-made ice age, running out of resources, drought, famine, etc. - yet amid all that bluster, the cool mind of Julian Simon argued the opposite.

He even put his money where his mouth was. In 1980, he challenged any and all of these doomsayers to a bet. Choose any number of precious resources that you think would be depleted in a ten years time and he would bet them that they would be wrong. Simon was so sure he would win, he even let them choose which resources.

So Paul Ehrlich, the media's darling go-to for ratings-boosting scary predictions, took up the bet. Ehrlich chose 5 resources that he thought for sure would go up in price due to high demand and scarcity in the industry. 10 years later he lost the bet. All 5 went down in price (adjusted for inflation). The negative thinkers are still arguing that Simon was just lucky. But he wasn't. History has shown repeatedly that, overall, we as a human race consistently progress and make things better. And the more minds at work, the better. So bring on the population! There is room for all of us on this beautiful planet.

Think of all failed predictions we've seen in our lifetime. Examples include overpopulation, running out of resources, the end of civilization, man-made ice age and other catastrophic climate events, mass starvation, mass extinctions, and more. Julian Simon understood our world better than the prophets of doom. And every one of these scary predictions have not even come close to coming to pass - the world is consistently becoming a BETTER place in which to live. Thanks to the human race coming together and solving problems.

So have faith in the future. Make plans. Invest in yours and your children's future. Things are getting better all the time.

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