Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Peace and Prosperity without Globalism

There is a problem with the European Union. There are too many diverse cultures lumped together. If you think the United States federal government is out of touch with the common man in the respective 50 states, the EU is worse.

Their solution is to import immigrants and destroy the identities of these member countries so that a superpower can be born after homogenization is complete. The problem is that it won't work. They are heading down the road to destabalization and violence. Another failed state like the USSR and Nazi Germany. But instead of wars between countries, they will have internal wars. Civil wars drag on forever and never reach an definite outcome. They just continue to smolder.

Each country must retain their sovereignty and make their own domestic laws, treaties, immigration laws and trade agreements - while preserving their cultures and languages because "multicultural" really means "monoculture." What a boring world that would be.

But going it alone in this world doesn't seem to work anymore. The smaller countries will not be able to compete in the global game of politics and economy.

One solution to a gargantuan, ineffective union like the  EU, is to allow groups of countries with similar customs, languages, religions and heritage form smaller unions. They'll benefit from block trading, unified group treaties, and common defense. Much in the same way as the United States of America. The success of the United States lies in the fact that the diverse 50 sovereign states are similar enough that they can forge a united, national character.

That will never happen when you try to put dissimilar countries like, say Turkey and Belgium, under one umbrella.

If similar countries would unite in the same way as the Visegrad Group (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary), then we would have the best of both worlds. These medium-sized federations can protect each other militarily and benefit from a shared economy. It would be easier to attract tourism, too.

This would decrease the chance of war. You won't have violent border disputes with someone on your own team. And non-allied countries would think twice about invading a given country when there are 4 to 8 other countries watching their back.

This is a map showing the possible breakdown of the various unions. The key is that they voluntarily form these unions. The larger countries are already a union of smaller states, provinces or departments, so they have no need to unite with anyone. Beyond a certain size, bigger is not better. It is actually worse - having reached a point of diminishing returns.

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